Conference Topics

The conference is soliciting state-of-the-art research papers in the following areas of interest but not limited to:

-  Big Data novel theory, algorithm and applications
-  Big Data standards
-  Big Data Infrastructure, MapReduce and Cloud Computing
-  Big Data visualization
-  Big Data curation and management
-  Big Data semantics, scientific discovery and intelligence
-  Big Data performance analysis and large-scale deployment
-  Security, privacy, trust, and legal issues to big data
-  Big Data vs Big Business and Big Industry
-  Large data stream processing on cloud
-  NoSQL data stores and DB scalability
-  Big Data placement, scheduling, and optimization
-  Distributed file systems for Big Data
-  MapReduce for Big Data processing, resource scheduling and SLA
-  Performance characterization, evaluation and optimization
-  Simulation and debugging systems and tools for MapReduce and Big Data
-  Volume, Velocity, Variety, Value and Veracity of Big Data
-  Multiple source data processing and integration with MapReduce
-  Storage and computation management of Big Data
-  Large-scale big data workflow management
-  Mobility and big data
-  Sensor network, social network and big data
-  Data Visualization and Visual Analytics
-  Big Data Algorithms, Applications and Services
-  Big Data Mining and Analytics
-  Big Data Processing and Querying
-  Algorithmic, experimental, prototyping and implementation
-  Natural Language Processing in Big Texts
-  Biomedical imaging pre-processing and Analysis
-  Hardware and Software solutions for Big Data Searching, Storing and Management
-  Structured and Unstructured Data/Text/Web Mining
-  Deep Learning architecture, representations, unsupervised and supervised algorithms
-  Scalable computational intelligence tools
-  Novel Computational Intelligence approaches for data analysis
-  Evolutionary and Bio-inspired approaches for Big Data analysis
-  New domains and novel applications related to Big Data technologies


We invite you to submit a paper for BDET 2023 International Meeting and join us for a premier conference in this vibrant city. We invite submissions in all areas of the Big Data Engineering and Technology field, broadly defined. We will continue to accept abstracts after the deadline for as long as space is available. We encourage you to submit early.
The Committees invest great efforts in reviewing the papers submitted to the conference and organising the sessions to enable the participants to gain maximum benefit. If you are interested in reviewing the papers, please send your latest CV to conference secretary via





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